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Do You Understand Short Run and Long Run in the Poker Game?

Most of people who participate in online poker game will like to believe that their chances of winning money will depend upon the duration they spend in the game. Therefore, people start comparing the results of short run and long run. There can be different opinion about the results of short run vs long run and therefore proper understanding about the success rate for each of the time period can help you to get clear idea.

When you play in any situs poker online terpercaya for short run, then you may either have very little or no skills in the game. In the short run, you may spend your time in learning the rules of poker game, learn about the card rankings, how to bet, how to call or raise etc. Since your skill level is not adequate at this stage, there are chances that you may lose most of the game. Since most of the other players against whom you are playing may be more skilled than you. There is a chance that you may win few games just by luck however that will be very rare.

Therefore, while you are playing in the short run, make sure that you should not participate in such table where stakes needed is too high as that will result in too much monetary loss for you. Try to play on those tables where stakes are relatively lower.

When you are on the long run, you will naturally develop enough skills due to playing number of games and therefore your success rate will also be higher. The success rate will also depend upon the skill levels of your opponent too. If the opponent is less skilled then your chances of success will be more and on the other hand if the opponent is equally skilled or more skilled than you then your success rate will tend to be less. In the case of playing against skilled player luck also plays a very big role.

However, you need to observe your frequency of loss during the long run. If you lose few games then it may not be a matter of concern but if you are losing regularly then you need to check your skills.

There is no precise rule by which you can decide when should you switch from short run to long run. You can only decide that by playing consistently.