Improve Your Betting by the Means of Staking

Staking method is a method of calculating the accurate sum of money in order to place it on a bet to make consistent profit as a part of betting strategy. According to the betting experts of Free Bets, there are five strategies involved in staking. Read on to explore which suits the best for you and thank us later.

  1. Bet everything, every time

Bet your complete bankroll on each and every bet. The benefit being, you will gain big returns at a faster pace. Any drawbacks? As soon as you lose the bet, you are out of money and the game itself.

  1. Fixed wager

If you bet a fixed sum of money for each and every bet, and do not change it no matter how you win. In this instance, you can consider the bet being $100. If your chances of winning the 55 percent on a 2.000 bet, it means that you have drastically and dramatically eliminated your chances to lose the entire stake. Unluckily, it also means that your winnings are prone to be limited to increase in a slow and steady pace.

  1. Martingale

Here, you can bet double your stake after any failed bet, in order to cover your losses with the next winnings of the next bet. This offers a quicker increase that the previous counterpart strategy or the fixed wager strategies because you are doubling up in order to cover your losses. If you are facing any kind of sequential losses, but the needed stakes continue to double, you will be very soon betting a huge amount in order to cover up your losses.

  1. Fibonacci

Here, in this strategy, you raise your stakes in a Fibonacci sequence to your losses with the upcoming winnings of the next bet. This strategy has quite similar drawbacks to the Martingale method in the sports betting, but it eliminates how rapidly the stake rises if you are on a losing streak. And hence it also eliminates the rate at which you are winning.

  1. Proportional betting

You can bet a part of your bankroll in proportion to your edge. In this particular simulation, Kelly Criterion formula has been used for the proportional sports betting. By the means of this strategy, your bet should always be on an edge divided by the odds. For instances, if the edge is 10 percent, and the odds are evens, then 10 / 1 is equal to 10. Hence 10 percent of the $1000 wallet should be placed to bet. If that bet turns out to be successful, the next bet would increase to $110, which is the 10 percent of the new $1100 wallet. In other words, winnings tend to rise quicker than in the fixed wager system and the losses are prone to slow down.

The betting experts of Free Bets suggest that out of the 5 strategies, two are the best. They are:

  1. Martingale
  2. Fibonacci

Backing your staking technique

It is important to keep in mind that there is no ideal system for the strategies. Although, the Kelly Criterion system could have worked, but there are many more developed systems for various kinds of bets. It is significant to explore which staking style fits best to your sports betting, strictly via your due diligence and simulation. It is also important to consider that the Kelly Criterion system is only compatible if you are aware of the edge and can calculate the stake.

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